hidden play

This is our open call for the newest issue(s), [hidden] play.
All heads, bodies & mediums are welcome.

We would like to collect all the Things that have never really been published out of your head. Things like:

– a 6 second recording
– Drafts (excerpts are fine)
– an ideal list
– concepts
– Modes of containing the world
– Modes of expressing the world

Things that have already been collected:

– foldout sketchbooks
– a doodle on a receipt
– a video of noise
– screenshots
– a conversation with more than 10 people

This open call is open until a very long time.
There is no limit to the dust and sound in your head.
This is a repository for ideas that do not have to be productive. If all goes well, the organisation of these Things will happen organically. If not, an Informed Curatorial Intervention will take place.

Please email x@x-online.sg with the following:

1. Subject title must include square brackets “[ ]” somewhere
2. Your preferred name + identity
3. If you want to be credited or kept unknown
4. title + date + medium for the Thing
5. short description of the Thing unless it is self-explanatory

Thank you, and let us continue to reclaim irrelevance.