x found each other at an art fair, which they enjoyed little of. Perhaps they did not belong there.
Time went by and x became X.
They became obsessed with well ok we have to do something
Then, when X met Blue Dreamer and Two Bags of Nice Money everything became a little clearer and faster.
Time went by in flashes of yellow and red. Pushed into dusty shelves with bans, space closures and lost records, time left camaraderie and artist groups behind.
Time helped imagine a pipedream and X struggled to make it into a real story.
Time insisted on staying teleological.

A writer is the conscience of society…a public intellectual.” said Singapore Unbound.
something about the politics of real-time,” said one to another.
Ok I get it now,” said no one.
Write about Duchamp one more time I dare you.” said everyone but the writer.
Hey sorry I got 9 serious questions to answer before I sleep tonight! Bye!” said a friend.
Do you have a license to perform here?” a stranger asked.

It’s 2018 and we mustn’t let inertia win.
The show must go on.

Welcome to Ground Zero.

We are uncertain about where art is heading, but we hope you are here to have a pleasant stay.

Part One: Ground Zero

Lee Wen
Chloe Chotrani
Anyā Likhitha
A’shua Imran
Stefanie Yeo
Dave Lim
Malik Mazlan
Omar Prazhari
Lynn Tachihara
Annabel Chong
Kate Aries
Eelyn Tan
Eden Mitsenmacher
Rebecca Tritschler
Steph Choy
Eunice Lim
Tess Pang
Michelle Kartokusumo
Adam Lau
Ujikaji Records
Ankit Suri