About X

X is an online platform for artists and creatives in Singapore.
X embraces open virtual space as a contemporary setting for commentaries to be remembered and referenced.
X wants to remind everyone that expressions need spaces and stages to exist peacefully.
X would go on but we do not want to sound like an application form.


Sponsorships • Collaborations

If you would like to contribute to X in some way through sponsorship or collaboration, drop us an email at x@x-online.sg.


Design and Art Direction by Zyxt

Zyxt is a graphic design studio and independent publisher working on both self-directed and commissioned projects – focusing on art direction, visual identities, publishing, exhibitions, and online projects primarily within the contemporary arts and culture sector.

Founded by Masaki Miwa and Ying Tong Tan upon graduating Central Saint Martins as a progressive and inquisitive based practice that seeks to form partnerships with artists, designers, curators, publishers, cultural organisations and institutions.


Portrait of Masaki Miwa

Portrait of Ying Tong Tan

Website Development by Chris Corby

Chris Corby is an independent web developer focussed on building unconventional websites.

Based in Brighton (UK) and working internationally, he partners with graphic designers and artists to realise their work online.


Portrait of Chris Corby